Application for membership with CCHPVCC and Cycling Victoria (CV), an affiliated state body of Cycling Australia (CA) is completed by one of 2 ways:

  • Manually: Using the Application/Renewal Forms which can be obtained from John Mills or you can download membership forms here OR
  • Online: Using      on the CSV website.  (Preferred method)

Firstly, you need to be a member of CCHPVCC or any cycling club affiliated with Cycling Australia.

Secondly, decide if you want to participate in club training only (novice membership) or compete in races as well (competitive membership).

Club Training Only
If you wish to participate in CCHPVCC club training only, you’ll need to join the club and apply for a Cycling Australia licence.

There are 3 types of Licence for novice riders.   Ride Adult, Ride Junior and Ride Kidz.  Tick the novice category on our club form.  If you are applying for a family membership, please complete one form per family member, write Family at the top and staple them together .  Please note that the club membership fee is already included in the price of the Cycling Licences.

Club Training and Racing
If you wish to take part in club training and racing, then you’ll need one of the CA Competitive licences.

*KIDZ Licence
All juniors J13 and under can apply for a KIDZ licence with CA.  This is a restricted licence which allows juniors to take part in CCHPVCC racing and training only.  They cannot compete against other clubs with this licence.  This is designed as an introductory licence and is a very affordable option.  Tick the competitive category on our club form, circle the KIDZ category on the CA form and attach proof of date of birth.

*Competitive Licence
Full competitive licences are organised in age categories and prices vary.  Refer to the attached chart for details.  This licence allows you to compete against other clubs and licensed riders.  Tick the competitive category on our club form, circle the relevant licence category on the CA form and attach proof of date of birth.

Complete the membership form/s.  Please print clearly and complete all sections.

Make cheques payable to Casey Cardinia HPV & Cycling Club Inc and send to Membership Registrar, Casey Cardinia HPV & Cycling Club Inc P.O. Box 575, Beaconsfield Vic 3807 or hand deliver to Nathan Boon at club training.

Upon receipt of completed forms and payment, the club will return to you a stamped and officially signed copy of your application.  This will be your interim licence which you must retain to enable you to participate in club training and/or racing.  CA will forward a membership card to you.

Online membership renewal for 2015 is now available on the CSV website.

Steps for online renewal:
1. Proceed to the log-in screen
2. Enter login and password

3. Ensure all details are entered correctly.  Members can only change address, phone number and email.  Transfers, category changes or re-issue of lost cards are not available through on-line facility.
4. Read the terms and conditions.
5. Complete the online transaction section.  The fee is the CA licence fee PLUS our club fee.  Fee payable by credit card     Bankcard, MasterCard, Visa).
6. Download and print a receipt.  This will enable participation in club training and/or racing until you receive your CA membership card.

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